The Order

  • Once a customer has contacted and expressed interest in one of our guitars, we will discuss it in as much detail as possible via email, phone call, or video chat to come up with the desired guitar image.
  • Upon request, we will provide each customer with a guitar visual mockup before paying the deposit.
  • Please note that all designs are the property of Lionheart Guitars and any designs made by us and NOT ordered by customers can be used for other manufactures.
  • Once specifications and bids are approved we require a non-refundable deposit, this is to cover initial costs and building materials.
  • Sending a deposit constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and the specifications are finalized up to the date of transfer.

The Build

  • When approving specifications, we will try our best to estimate when we will start building and project a completion date, these dates are estimates only and actual dates may vary. The custom guitars we make are unique and varied, but we also need to consider the manufacturing process and its impact.

  • Throughout manufacture, we photograph guitar developments and provide them to customers through various channels, we strongly recommend our customers to follow these updates as closely as possible; This is one way we guarantee the perfect guitar.

  • Once the custom manufacture specifications have been completed and work on the actual instrument has begun, there will be an additional payment plus material and time costs for any substantial changes to those specifications, i.e. any changes that imply a change in machining, wood required. Any changes to the manufacturing process must be confirmed in writing.

The Payment

  • Payments via Bank Transfer, Wise or PayPal are available. For European customers, we recommend checking SEPA transfer availability in their country. Payments made through PayPal will include a 5% payment processing fee.

The Delivery

  • We always prepare packaging as safe as possible for shipping.
  • All of our products are packaged using flight cases to minimize the risks that may occur during the shipping process.
  • We always carry out quality control on every item we send, and ensure that the items we send pass the quality control stage.
  • Ensure that the goods we send are not defective.
  • All problems that occur during the delivery process are not our responsibility as the seller.

The Warranty

    We accept complaints and guarantees, with the following conditions:

  • Required to do Video Unboxing, starting from the package received until it is opened.
  • We will carry out inspections regarding the video you sent, in this case the video should not be cut or stopped, the unboxing video must be a single unit and must not be cut into 2 or more parts.